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  • Harnessing the Power of the #Hashtag

    In today’s world nothing can be more influential than social media. Now more than ever anyone with a smartphone or computer can have their voice heard by thousands or even millions of fellow “followers” or friends. Utilized in the right way, social media can be a very powerful marketing tool for companies and small businesses…. Read more »

  • The Future of Email Marketing

    Is Email Still Relevant? As social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr continue to grow, so does the need and importance for a business to have a marketing presence on these sites. Knowing this, you may ask yourself “Do I need to continue with my email blasts and campaigns?” Only a couple… Read more »

  • What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does it Matter?

    Today’s social landscape is constantly changing. If you told someone from the early 2000s that in a couple years we all would be carrying touchscreen phones with full internet capabilities and most recently, even smart watches on our wrists they would be skeptical to say the least. It’s amazing how in such a short amount… Read more »

  • Facebook’s New Timeline Page for Business

    If you’ve dabbled in Facebook at all recently, you’ve almost certainly heard of or seen the new Facebook Timeline. At this point, you may be wondering, what is Timeline, and what does it have to do with my business? The entire profile layout for Facebook will be changing, for personal and business pages. You may… Read more »

  • Social Media Statistics for Business

    The importance of social media cannot be stressed enough. To get a glimpse at just how influential it is, here’s a look into the statistics surrounding social networks and the reach they have in the world today. To start, social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide. It has some 1.2 billion users around… Read more »

  • Words on the Web: Google Analytics

    Words on the Web, a simple explanation of terms you’ll likely come across when starting a website. Let’s take a moment to elaborate on Google if you actually are reasonably unfamiliar with it- Google is the most-used search engine on the entirety of the World Wide Web. Google receives some several hundred million searches each… Read more »

  • Content is Key: Why what you say on your site is important

    First things first; you may be hesitant to say too much on your website- an abundance of text can have a negative effect on your visitors- but good website content is more about quality rather than quantity. As long as what you’re saying is important and not fluff (strings of sentences thrown in just for… Read more »

  • The Importance of a Website for any Business

    A Website is More Than Just for Advertising Beyond advertising your products or services, your website is also a barometer for the trust your potential customers will find in you. Picture a legal website with unappealing color schemes, six different types of fonts, difficult navigation and slow load times. You may not know that these… Read more »

  • Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Email Marketing

    Branding Social media and email can both be used to establish brand recognition. The main differences are that a social media campaign that reaches its intended users is much more subtle in its approach. Take a branded message on Facebook for example. The message may not be clicked on or even read, but it has… Read more »

  • What is the New Facebook Graph Search?

    Facebook has recently released a beta version of their new and highly regarded Graph Search. Graph Search plays right into Facebook’s objective of connecting people and serves to do this at the most personalized level possible. On the intro page, Facebook cites examples of its use such as using Graph Search to “Find people who… Read more »