How Facebook Live Can Benefit Your Small Business

Facebook Live was released back in April of 2016 and since its initial launch the live streaming platform has come along way in a short amount of time. From being a relatively niche service that only a few social media personalities took advantage of. Facebook Live has quickly broke into the feeds of millions of people as individuals and businesses begin to realize the potential to catapult themselves to the forefront of our social media driven lives.

At only a little over a year old Facebook Live is still in its infancy. There is still a large amount of untapped potential and as Facebook continues to tweak and add features to the service the sky really is the limit. This is great news for businesses that are looking for cheap ways to do video production or just want a quick way to get some information out on their page. There really is nothing better suited for this than Facebook Live.

Endless Opportunities

Facebook Live video has several different ways it can be utilized by businesses. Videos can range from quick updates on business related news, weekly sales updates, upcoming local events, or even interviews with guests, employees, customers or the business owners themselves. There really is no wrong way to use Facebook Live and that’s what makes it great. It gives you the power to create whatever you would like to help get your business more exposure and more prevalent on Facebook.

Create Instant and Intimate Connections

Facebook Live allows businesses to be able to get information out quickly to their page followers and gives them the ability to connect with them at the same time. Anyone who clicks to view your live video can write a comment or ask a question and get an immediate response from you – the business. This connection is not something to take lightly. Customers or followers want to be able to interact with who they follow and this is what Facebook Live is made for. Interaction. Whenever a live video is up the viewer can instantly get feedback from the business and get their voice heard which can in turn further strengthen the connection with that individual which can benefit your business.

Compelling Content in the Palm of Your Hands

What really makes Facebook Live such a compelling service lies in its simplicity. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a Facebook personal or business account and you’re off and running. It really is that simple. It’s as quick and accessible as posting a status update and that’s where Facebook Live really shines. You don’t need to have an expensive or an overly complex set up similar to what a YouTube creator or Twitch streamer may have. This low barrier of entry allows almost anyone at anytime to be able to start a live stream and get their message out to their friends or followers with little to no preparation or additional equipment needed.

A Bright Future

Where Facebook Live goes from here is really up to the individuals and businesses that use it. In the upcoming year we could see more and more businesses and pages try to find a way to work Facebook Live into their weekly advertising and marketing strategies. Free advertising is always going to be something that is desirable for small businesses where generally budgets are tight and disposable income is tough to come by. Live video could be the way these businesses bridge the gap with their larger competitors without having to drop a large amount of money in the process. For savvy business owners this also presents an opportunity where they can get out ahead of the crowd. It still remains to be seen how far and how much growth will occur but regardless Facebook Live will be exciting to watch this coming year.

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