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McFarland Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business based out of Citrus County Florida. Donald and Debra McFarland founded the business in 1994. Following in their parent’s footsteps and taking an active role in the family business is their two sons Neil and Kyle McFarland. All family members hold their own state contractors license. Combined they also hold two real estate licenses and two home inspector licenses between them. As a result of their years experience and education, coupled with their attention to detail and dedication to quality, the McFarland Family has accomplished much in the construction industry since 1994, making them a highly sought after and respected builder. From start to finish McFarland Construction, Inc. can handle all aspects of building and real estate making them the easy choice for consumers for a very enjoyable experience. Through the extensive real estate background McFarland Construction, Inc. can assist with explaining and guiding potential buyers in the right direction for home loans and mortgage companies even if credit is a concern.

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