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Web Design

Always dreamed of having a website for your business? At SocialMedia Designs we can take your dream and turn it into an obtainable reality. With a custom built website by SocialMedia Designs your company site can be everything you always wanted, and everything your customer will ever need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The majority of site visits come from the usage of search engines. SEO is all about capitalizing on this fact and utilizing it to your advantage. SocialMedia Designs SEO Services will help you crack the code on search engine algorithms and put your site near the top of the list. Search engines are used to solve a problem. We want your site to be the answer.

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Pay-Per-Click Management

With Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC) our highly skilled team can maximize your site’s potential in a quick and efficient fashion. Why wait for them to come to you? Take a forward thinking approach and bring your site to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

We realize it’s more than just about how many “likes” or how many “followers” you have, but it’s also about spreading your message to your target consumers across all aspects of social media. At SocialMedia Designs we will help you build a more meaningful connection between your company and your customers. Don’t get left in the past. Get your foot in the door and start off running into the brave new world of social media marketing.

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Non-Profit Consulting

Sometimes Non-Profit Boards are unable to see the forest for the trees, we assist boards and staff in examining the details so many get caught up in to see the trees and journey of their visions. Assisting Non-Profit Boards with development, board orientations, on-boarding, executive search, marketing, website, public relations, fundraising, membership promotion and planning,