Search Engine Optimization




The majority of site visits come from the usage of search engines. By typing in a phrase or keyword you are presented with a list of sites deemed relevant to your search. SEO is all about capitalizing on this fact and utilizing it to your advantage. SocialMedia Designs SEO Services will help you crack the code on search engine algorithms and put your site near the top of the list.Search engines are used to solve a problem. We want your site to be the answer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to get more traffic towards your website and more traffic is good news for you. SEO is all about having your site appear higher and on more result pages from search engine sites. The higher on the list your site appears the more likely a user will click on your site over one ranked beneath it. Our team is fully qualified in SEO strategies and techniques to help your site climb higher and become more visible.


Keyword research is a vital piece of the SEO puzzle. Our team will do the research necessary to find the best keywords to not only get your site visitors, but get the right kind of visitors. By targeting the right keywords and phrases your site can get more traffic and in turn you will learn more about who clicks on your site as a whole.


Knowing your audience and keeping your content focused is instrumental in Search Engine Optimization and paired with keywords, your site will be climbing the ranks in no time. Having a website filled with content unrelated to your site only hurts your rankings and negatively effects the amount of time users spend on your site. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you and make sure your site's content properly utilizes SEO research and continues to head in the right direction.

On Going

Even after all the research is done into keywords and content management you may think your site is set to last. However, just like the ever changing landscape of the internet, SEO research must be a continuous on-going process even after a site's initial posting. Here at SocialMedia Designs our team will keep up with your site's specific SEO data which allows us to fine tune and adjust what's working and what needs changed. Making sure your website will always be running at the highest potential possible.