The Future of Email Marketing

As social media has continued to spread in reach and influence each year so has the importance of marketing through these sites. But where does this leave more traditional forms of online marketing? Are the days of email blasts and campaigns a thing of the past?

Is Email Still Relevant?

As social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr continue to grow, so does the need and importance for a business to have a marketing presence on these sites. Knowing this, you may ask yourself “Do I need to continue with my email blasts and campaigns?” Only a couple of years ago many experts and analysts asked the very same question and came to the conclusion that the death of email was on the horizon. But actually, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today, email marketing is not only alive and kicking, but is actually stronger than ever.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

This may seem a little strange, but the advent of social media and the continued reliance on mobile platforms has actually helped email to not only survive, but actually thrive. Social media networks allow you to reach a very broad audience of potential clients, which is an essential tool for businesses. However, by doing this you can inadvertently end up throwing information out to the wrong people or even worse, conveying the wrong message to the right people. Email campaigns can be a great way to get the right information out in a way that will drive traffic to your site or company and also grow a relationship with the recipient. By segmenting or “micro-targeting” recipients, you can send specific information to the ones who can use it. Not only this, email has a longer lifespan than a social media blurb. An email can be checked whenever it is convenient for the recipient, while a post usually is seen for only a few hours and then it is usually lost to the public eye.

Here Today and Tomorrow

The future of email campaign is no longer a murky one. It is clear that email is here to stay for the near future and beyond. Digital marketers as recent as last year ranked email as the most effective tactic to build brand awareness, deliver relevant information, and to turn better conversion rates. As smartphone and mobile usage continues to grow, so will the importance and expansion of email. Now more than ever, email is necessary for everyday tasks and communication and will stay so in the years to come.