The Importance of a Website for any Business

Have you ever been to a website that was so repulsive and difficult on the eyes that you immediately lost trust and navigated away as quickly as possible? We have all seen the impact a poorly designed website can have on your business. Business owners make many incorrect assumptions about websites and Internet marketing that we will attempt to address here.

A Website is More Than Just for Advertising

Beyond advertising your products or services, your website is also a barometer for the trust your potential customers will find in you. Picture a legal website with unappealing color schemes, six different types of fonts, difficult navigation and slow load times. You may not know that these attorneys are the best in the country and their site provides some of the most useful content on the web. All you see when you get here is a representation that these attorneys are sloppy or not trustworthy. It is important to remember that your site should be an extension of your business and people will look at it as a reflection of your services.

Most Common Website Pitfalls

My Business is Not Lead Driven… Wrong!

New clients and customers all have to come from somewhere. Whether it be word of mouth, media ad, search engine or a sign-swinging monkey. Leads do not generate themselves; don’t make the mistake of thinking your marketing goes unnoticed.

People Already Know About My Business, I Don’t Need SEO… Wrong!

You can cite that your business has run effectively without the use of SEO. Most likely your business is in a very mature stage. SEO may not be needed to get more business but rather better business. Most businesses have big ticket items that are the best revenue makers. SEO can target these people and bring qualified leads to your door resulting in improved revenue streams.

Websites, if you Build it They Will Come… Wrong!

You can have the most beautiful, well-laid out website site in the world but if people can’t find it what good is it? It’s like having a Ferrari in rush hour traffic. The search engines won’t automatically rank your website based on aesthetics alone. You have to earn their trust over time which is why SEO is so important to a successful web presence.

I’m in the Phone Book, Coupon Books and Have a Billboard, Isn’t That Enough? Wrong!

Studies show that roughly 85% of new business is derived from search engines. While SEO may not be the answer to all of your marketing needs it does play an integral part in marrying all of your marketing efforts together and allowing you get the most exposure possible. Plus it is proven to generate the best return on investment of any other marketing campaign.

Still think you don’t need a great website and strong web presence? Think again! Contact us today to learn how we can customize a plan that works for your business.