What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does it Matter?

With so many different platforms to browse the internet from, responsive design is a must in today's ever changing social landscape.

Today’s social landscape is constantly changing. If you told someone from the early 2000s that in a couple years we all would be carrying touchscreen phones with full internet capabilities and most recently, even smart watches on our wrists they would be skeptical to say the least. It’s amazing how in such a short amount of time we have experienced such a huge boom in technological growth. It’s an exciting time. With new developments and advances coming at a break neck speed how can you keep your company’s website relevant with not only current platforms but also ones that are yet to be developed? The answer is simple. Responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an innovative and instrumental way to design a website so that the content automatically scales in proportion to the size of the screen the website is shown on. This is very important in today’s culture as most of us have smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops that we use on a daily basis. Each of these devices has a different screen size, definition, and sometimes even orientation (I.E. a tablet in landscape or portrait). As a web designer you have to take in consideration all of these different aspects. You want your website to be shown in a way that the user doesn’t have to constantly scroll to the left or right to see the information they’re looking for. This becomes tricky because you don’t want to have to design a website four or five different times for each device it might be displayed on. Using responsive web design you can design a website to change the size of the webpage, the size of text, even the size of images and buttons to fit appropriately on the device you are viewing the site without having to code for separate devices. The best part is your site will be responsive on any device, even those that are still in the works.

Why is this Important to my Company?

As mentioned before, society has quickly adopted and integrated all these new devices into the daily aesthetic. With the majority of the populous now surfing the web from more mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones your site needs to be optimized for this. When a user pulls up a website on a smartphone they expect things to be a little different than what they would get from a traditional website. A mobile user expects to see the same content as on a desktop, but with a little something extra such as touchscreen capabilities and larger text. If someone pulls up a mobile website and it’s not developed appropriately for that device then they are most likely to be discouraged and ultimately look elsewhere for what they need. Which is bad news in a competitive market where every potential customer matters. However, the opposite happens when a website is optimized for mobile. Seeing that a company has a responsive website can speak volumes to a visitor. Being up-to-date with current trends allows your brand to stand above and out from the crowd. A user friendly interface lets viewers find what they need to in a quick and convenient fashion without any unneeded searching or hassle. The more enjoyable the experience the more likely your site will make a lasting impression.
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